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Update @ 23/03/2011
Original Korean Version : Cabal Online – The Revolution of Action

■ Changes
Quest UI changed
Added Quest Task list (Summary Information window) with Progress of each quest displayed
Allow up to 5 quests selected to be displayed in task list
Allow pinning Quest Task list on the screen
Allow moving Quest Task list (like Jukebox)
Dungeon Quest are automatically registered in Quest Task list
■ Additions
Added DP system (DP : Dungeon Point)
When cleared Dungeons (Mission Dungeon, Chaos Arena, DX Dungeon) DP would be earned
DP will be reset to 0 after 3 hours
Allow check current DP in Dungeon Window
NPC Hampton in Port Lux sells items related to DP system


Update @ 16/03/2011
Original Korean Version : Cabal Online – The Revolution of Action
Google Translated Version : Google Translate

■ Fixes
Error when resurrection from death
Can’t enter Mission War
Can’t register favorite item in AH
■ Changes
Allow single player re-enter dungeon
In dungeon running time, if there’s an interrupt, players are able to re-enter dungeon.
Allowed situations
Character changing
Server changing
Disconnected Client
Allowed time range : 10 mins from interrupted time.
Upgrade by Force Core System Reforming
Added 5% to all upgrading cases.
Changes effect of Catalyst upon Upgrading Process
Changes the display of Epic items (items with Crafted options)
Divided Epic items into 2 categories:
Sub Epic : Craft Level 1-3
Top Epic : Craft Level 5-7
Change the display name & color of “Top Epic” items
Destruction -> Doom (Osmium Blade of Destruction -> Osmium Blade of Doom)
Luck -> Miracle (Osmium Armor Gloves of Luck -> Osmium Armor Gloves of Miracle)

Old : High
Change : Medium
Shadow Titanium & Aqua items now can be upgraded with UCM, Slot creating with SEM,…
Remove penalties of Mission Dungeon, Quest Dungeon and DX Dungeon
Change the locations of brand-new creating character
Help system upgrade

Only “Top Epic” items would be “Character bind after equipped”.
Update Bike Upgrade System
Bike could be up to +15
Added “Bike Upgrade Kit”
Bike Upgrade Kit (Low) : For “Astral Bike Blue” upgrading
Bike Upgrade Kit (Medium) : For “Astral Bike RW3″ upgrading
The upgrading progress will improve stats of Bikes. For example, RW3 +15 will have 95 Defense, 900 Defense Rate and Moving Speed is 950
Change the using purpose of Plasma Coating Kit.
Old : Bike Upgrading
Change : Bike Re-Coloring
Reduce required level of Blue Bike to 60 (old : 80)
Reduce item level of Shadow Titanium & Aqua :
■ Additions
Recover SP when finished dungeon, based on rolling dice
Based on BSLv of character
BS Lv6 – Bs18 : 0 – 5 SP bars could be recovered.
BS Lv19 : 1 – 6 SP bars could be recovered.
Divided all armors from Bluestin -> Osmium, that means:
Old : Osmium Armor Helm
Change : Osmium Armor Helm (WA) & Osmium Armor Helm (FS)
Update Aura System